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2020 NAR PPF paint protection film sets sail

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-01-16      Origin: Site

On January 11, 2020, NARPPF, a paint protection film brand owned by NAR Industrial Co.,Ltd held the "new start" national dealer conference. 

The conference was held in the headquarters of NAR. and more than 60 industry leaders from all over the country gathered together. For the first time, the new NARPPF paint protective film products were announced at the meeting. 

The agents visited NAR R & D center on the 11th and Nantong factory on the 12th. In 2019, NAR completed the construction of 28000 square meters of new factory buildings, and three new high-precision production lines will be officially put into use. With its strong production, R & D and operation strength, NAR has won the unanimous approval from the agents. 

On the 11th, Yang Jiantang, vice president of NAR, first analyzed the paint protection film market in depth from the perspective of global capitalization tide with the theme of "when the wind starts again". 

He firmly believes that facing the continuous changes in the market, opportunities are at hand. Only relying on high-quality products and strong innovation, manufacturing and operation strength, can we seize the opportunities. The latest lacquer mask product of NAR will work with you to create a new future. 

Then, Wang Yufeng, general manager of technology R & D, introduced the technical principle of the product from the R & D process of NAR paint protective film. By comparing with the data of conventional products in the market, the unique technical features and product advantages of NAR products are shown, such as the product features of "super stretch" and "zero penetration" of new product RPRO. 

Finally, Liu Jichao, executive general manager of NAR protective film business department, announced the latest product packaging, store image and sales policy to the participating agents, and further elaborated the market structure and development direction of NAR protective film products in 2020. 

After the meeting, the visiting agents went to the welcome dinner of "to youth, NAR is 18", and sang "sailor" with all NARPPF to welcome the new year. 

In the future, NAR Industrial Co., Ltd. will develop new markets, create brand-new high-end paint protection film brands and work together for a more brilliant future with better products and stronger brand support.

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