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2018 NAR domestic agent conference held

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On March 27, 2018, the domestic brand agent conference of NAR. was held as scheduled. In this meeting, we sincerely invited the outstanding representatives of NAR and Baina's domestic agents, and some mysterious guests to the conference for guidance and exchange, for specific content ,pls check the follows :

Visit to Nal factory and new office building

Tao Fusheng, vice president of NAR, announced the opening of the 2018 NAR agency conference and introduced the company's current situation and marketing mode to all distinguished guests, focusing on NAR's growth process, NAR's standard product definition and channel agency mode.

Ma Jiji, President of NAR, shared "modern manufacturing industry, channel marketing management in the future", elaborated the connotation of channel mode optimization and refined management as well as the principle of market competition, and finally put forward a good cooperation vision of "mutual profit, win-win and common prosperity".

In the afternoon, Yu Bin, general manager of Shanghai NAR advertising media Co., Ltd., one of the three mysterious guests we are lucky to invite, first appeared on the stage. Yu Bin, general manager of Shanghai NAR advertising media Co., Ltd., brought the sharing of "outdoor (space) media development trend" with his own experience in Metro media for many years, broadened the thinking for agent customers to deeply explore the market field, and pointed out the direction.

The next guest is Shi Gang, general manager of Shanghai Beijia Digital Image Technology Co., Ltd., which is recognized as an evergreen tree in the digital printing industry. With more than 20 years of working experience, Mr. Shi shared the development and future trend of digital painting technology, materials and production technology in recent years, and gave precious advices for how to cooperate more harmoniously with dealers and develop healthily in digital printing industry .

Li Zhouping, general manager of printing house, also gave a wonderful keynote speech on "analysis of the development ecology of advertising production industry", which aroused the ideological resonance of many distinguished guests .

In addition to the three guests' sharing, an active face-to-face forum for agent customers and guests was also organized on the site, which pushed the scene atmosphere to a climax.

The development of the enterprise can not be separated from the farsightedness of the company's senior management. In addition to the highlights, You Aiguo, chairman of NAR,brought us the keynote speech of "opening your brain and surpassing yourself". From the perspective of customers, he thought about the value of cooperation with NAR, put forward practical and feasible suggestions for the healthy development of the agent's customers.

In the end, NAR awarded the medal of honor to the excellent agent representatives who worked hard in the past year, and also looked forward to 2018's mutual progress and cooperation to a higher level!

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