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The 6th Double Twelve Shopping Festival of NAR, with the theme of "Unity and Win, Grateful for You", was a complete success

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On December 12, 2023, the 6th Double Twelve Shopping Festival of NAR was held at Shanghai factory. The theme of this event was "Together for Win, Grateful for You", expressing gratitude to all those who support and care for NAR.

As the annual year-end event of NAR, the Nar Double Twelve event always insists on giving back to customers. The linkage between this year's Double Twelve and Double Eleven has achieved unexpected and joyful results by arranging the "100 million yuan broadcast, rushing to buy in advance" activity in advance. On the day of the event, Chairman You Aiguo, Executive President and General Manager of Marketing Center Yang Jiantang, and Deputy Director of R&D Department Liu Hui delivered speeches

Chairman You Aiguo expressed his gratitude to his partners in his speech, thanking them for their support and care over the years. He briefly reviewed the achievements of NAR people in the past 23 years and outlined his short-term plans for the future.


Subsequently, Yang Jiantang, Executive President and General Manager of Marketing Center, delivered a speech, emphasizing that in the next year, NAR Group will further refine the domestic advertising material brand system and build brand strength. At the same time, starting from service, we will strengthen the "72 hour corresponding service for quality issues" and use the production capacity of four factories to provide customers with sufficient and stable goods delivery services. In terms of future product development direction, we will continue to respond to the "dual carbon" call and focus on the development of environmentally friendly series products. In addition, NAR people will continue to practise the original intention of "serving with heart and trusting the world", and continue to walk hand in hand with customers with practical actions.


Liu Hui, Deputy Director of the R&D Department, shared the progress of research on environmentally friendly spray painting materials during this event. Showcased the technical content and application advantages of NAR Environmental Protection's digital printing products to all live broadcast audience from a technical research and development perspective


This year's Double Twelve event, for the first time, showcases the four major production bases of NAR Group to domestic customers through video online means, allowing partners who have not been able to visit each major production base to have a preliminary understanding of NAR Group's strong production and manufacturing capabilities and future production capacity layout.

4-1  4-2

4-3  4-4

To express gratitude for the support of distributor customers over the past year, Wei Lingli, the Director of Domestic Sales, Wang Qun, the Manager of NAR, and Ma Zhuang, the Manager of Baina Sales, will present the 2023 "Crown Award", "AAA Credit Customer", and "Key Product Expansion Award", and surprise our partners through a lottery. Finally, under the leadership of their respective department leaders, all members of the domestic sales department, sales management department, and four factory teams of NAR offer their blessings to all partners.

5-1  5-2

5-3  5-4

Award winning clients↑

6-1  6-2

6-3  6-4

6-5  6-6

NAR people send blessings↑

The new year is approaching, and NAR people will continue to practice the business philosophy of "Full heart to service and integrity to the world", and respond to future changes with an unchanged original intention. NAR people have been inseparable from the support of partners and users throughout their journey. In the future, they also hope to work together with partners to explore new markets and seize new opportunities. NAR people will also continue to provide higher quality products and services!

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