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Release and commendation conference of the second QCC competition of NAR

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On July 15, 2022, the "release and commendation conference of NAR's second QCC competition" was held in Nantong factory as scheduled. Shanghai factory and Nantong factory reported a total of 30 improvement projects. The successful holding of this QCC competition has created about 10 million economic benefits for production, operation and management every year. In order to further encourage NAR people to continue to innovate and create, the host team of the Competition awarded tens of thousands of bonuses for the award-winning projects as affirmation and encouragement.

The recurrence of the epidemic has not stopped the NAR people from moving forward, and they continue to meet challenges in their exploration. The seeds of improvement bear more fruitful fruits after going through trials and tribulations. All the 30 improvement projects in the second phase have been successfully completed, bringing a perfect end to the lean production project in 2021-2022.


Meeting participants↑


During the conference, the reporters of each group had clear thinking and rigorous logic, and found deep reasons for the current situation. Using scientific tools such as internal mold change, external mold change, spaghetti map and so on, we can reduce human errors and losses through program automatic control, and embody the ingenuity of NAR people to improve quality everywhere.

After two days of reporting, the jury team followed the principle of "openness, impartiality and fairness" to score and select one first prize, two second prizes, three third prizes, two best practice awards and nine encouragement awards. The rest won the closing award, and held a commendation meeting to commend each project team.


Dai Weiyang, director of the quality management center, presented the certificate of award to the representatives of the closing award team↑


Liu Song, the director of the manufacturing center, presented certificates to the representatives of the encouragement award group↑


Wang Yufeng, general manager of the technology research and development center, presented the certificate to the representative of the best practice award group↑


Shen Weifeng, vice president, presented trophies and bonus cheques to the representatives of the third prize group↑


Executive president Yang Jiantang presented trophies and bonus cheques to the representatives of the second prize group↑


President Ma Jiji presented trophies and bonus cheques to the representatives of the first prize group↑


Ma Jiji, President of NAR , made a summary speech on the project. He pointed out that we should make rigorous planning and progress according to the goals; We should be good at using new scientific tools such as spaghetti charts, speak with data, abandon past experience, dare to deny ourselves and move forward in denial. With the precipitation of the next three to five years, the lean management concept should take root in everyone's heart, constantly explore new improvement projects, and continuously and fully participate in the improvement to improve quality.


Finally, the whole group took a group photo to commemorate the efforts and gains of this year.

The spirit of never forgetting the original intention, continuous improvement and higher level has been rooted in the daily work of every NAR person. Inspired by this spirit, we will continue to achieve self breakthroughs, improve product quality, and build NAR into a world-renowned Chinese brand.

The end of the second QCC activity is also the beginning of the third QCC activity. We look forward to the award-winning team members to make persistent efforts, drive everyone, forge ahead, and obtain more excellent results in the third QCC activity.



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