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Nar Share \"Shanghai Baise Enterprise \" ranking again

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The 2020 Shanghai Baqiang Enterprise Conference hosted by the Shanghai Enterprise Federation, Shanghai Entrepreneur Association, Shanghai Economic Group Association and the Liberation Daily Department, held on August 18th China Financial Information Center Shanghai Hall. Shanghai Nar Industrial Co., Ltd. is from the \"Shanghai Private Manufacturing Enterprise\", the ranking of \"Shanghai Private Manufacturing Enterprise\" jumped to the 69th in 2019, and entered \"Shanghai with 29.09% revenue growth rate The list of the top 50 top 100 companies.

The careful service is recognized by the customer. The far-growing results of the market have exchanged fruitful results. Nar's rapid growth benefits from high-speed growth market share and gradually broadening industrial layout. The entry of digital printing ink industry is also open. New track. Nar in the future will also be in the fields of electronic functional films, environmentally friendly adhesive materials, multi-channel development related diversification, continuous innovation pursuit, providing customers with quality and stable products and quality and reliable services.

Shanghai Baise Enterprise Leaderboard is divided into: Shanghai Enterprise, Shanghai Enterprise, Shanghai Manufacturing Enterprise, Hundreds of Shanghai Service Enterprises, Shanghai Private Enterprise, Shanghai Private Manufacturing Enterprise, Shanghai Private Service Industry Enterprise has a hundred and Shanghai Baqiang growth enterprises.

According to statistics, Nar is located in \"People's Hundreds of Private Manufacturing Industry\" in 2019 reached 498.29 billion yuan, an increase of 66.4 billion yuan over the previous year, a growth rate of 15.38%; net profit reached 36.75 billion yuan, compared to The year increased 2.28 billion yuan, the growth rate was 6.60%; the total assets totaled 10.90.43 billion yuan, an increase of 10.3.72 billion yuan over the previous year, a growth rate of 10.51%; total tax total reached 21.2 billion yuan, an increase of 2.37 billion yuan, a growth rate of 9.26%.

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