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NAR Successfully held the 2023 Half Year Business Analysis Conference

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On July 25, 2023, the headquarters of NAR successfully held the 2023 semi annual business analysis meeting online with factories in Shanghai, Nantong, Jiangxi, and Thailand. Each center reviews the operational work of the first half of the year from multiple perspectives, including market, manufacturing, supply, as well as digital construction promotion, technology research and development direction, quality management, human resource management, etc., in a multi-dimensional and comprehensive manner, analyzes performance completion, problems and needs faced, discusses solutions and improvement measures, and decides on the focus of work in the second half of the year.


Business analysis in the first half of the year

In the first half of 2023, NAR's management team faced complex internal and external environmental pressures, and some key business performance indicators still exceeded budget targets. Overdue accounts receivable and inventory turnover continue to improve, the Nantong factory's environmental protection technology renovation project has been successfully completed, the Jiangxi factory has been smoothly put into operation, the digital transformation of intelligent factories and old equipment has been steadily promoted according to plan, and the development of environmentally friendly non PVC products has been successfully completed. Various departments are experiencing positive changes in improving organizational and operational efficiency, and all teams have withstood the pressure to unite and successfully achieve "Half of the time has passed, half of goal has been reached", Lay a solid foundation for achieving the goals for the second half of the year and the entire year.



Discussion on Operational Improvement Issues

In addition to making every effort to achieve this year's business goals, continuously improving and enhancing our own abilities and literacy, and solving practical work problems, it is also one of the important work tasks placed in front of NAR people. In this meeting, Li Weidong, the manager of the administrative headquarters, Ni Saifeng, the director of the Jiangxi factory, Dai Weiyang, the director of the quality management center, and Jiang Yanfen, the deputy director of the marketing center, successively explained the current and difficult problems in their respective departments, and solicited suggestions and methods for solutions from all attending members.


All offline and online members are divided into 12 groups, focusing on discussing the problems encountered in marketing activities and summarizing various opinions and suggestions. Subsequently, representatives from each group summarized their speeches and provided suggestions for improving production and operation.


Chairman's speech

Chairman of NAR, You Aiguo, gave a concluding speech for this meeting. Chairman You Aiguo first affirmed the unremitting efforts and achievements made by the NAR people in the first half of the year in the complex market environment they faced after the complete liberalization of the epidemic. At the same time, he pointed out that currently NAR still faces the challenge of "two disconnections", and all NAR people need to constantly discover and solve problems, and grow through them.


Chairman You Aiguo emphasized that "improving operational efficiency" is the focus of work in the second half of the year. Reduce costs from details, reduce daily losses and resource waste, strive to achieve energy conservation and consumption reduction, and improve the utilization of work time. All management personnel should lead by example, enhance communication and exchange, and form a work methodology.

In addition, he stated that talent is the key to NAR's future development. We need to 'bring in and retain' talents, increase the training and support for key employees, and enable talents to maximize their effectiveness in suitable positions. The system of mentorship and apprenticeship is a good tradition of NAR, which must be upheld and inherited, so that NAR's spirit can continue to develop and innovate from generation to generation

Finally, Chairman You Aiguo encourages everyone to do a good job in the second half of the year with confidence and determination, adhere to practice, be brave in innovation, and be ready to explore new markets and welcome a new future!

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