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Joint efforts ,be of one heart- BASF&NAR signed a strategic cooperation agreement

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-07-13      Origin: Site


NAR signed a strategic cooperation memorandum with BASF China (hereinafter referred to as BASF). This cooperation is aimed at promoting in-depth cooperation between upstream and downstream industries, giving full play to the innovative ability of enterprises, market-oriented, promoting collaborative innovation, promoting green value chain, and jointly helping China's vehicle wrapping film industry. At present, NAR is one of the largest customers of Kayon New Materials in China who use BASF TPU materials to prepare the original film of vehicle wrapping.


According to the agreement, both parties will establish a strategic partnership to jointly promote the application of Thermoplastic polyurethane in the clothing industry. BASF will develop corresponding market-oriented products according to NAR's application experience and needs in the downstream. NAR will develop products based on material characteristics and be responsible for putting them into the market.



Dr. Zhuang Wei, Director of Industrial Products Business Management in Greater China of BASF Characteristic Materials Department, introduced the material characteristics and core technology of BASF Thermoplastic polyurethane. He said that BASF is committed to the research and development of Thermoplastic polyurethane materials, especially the research of TPU materials in the vehicle wrapping industry. We hope to work closely with manufacturers of vehicle film such as NAR to promote the innovation of materials in the vehicle wrapping industry in an all-round way from industry awareness to application research and development.



As an innovative technology enterprise, NAR focuses on the research and development of products, processes, and materials, providing overall solutions for the automotive and vehicle wrapping industry. Therefore, we are very happy to cooperate with BASF, a leading material supplier in the industry, and use its high-performance materials and manufacturing processes to escort our end products and solutions. The establishment of strategic cooperation relationship with BASF aims to strengthen scientific and technological innovation cooperation, jointly support the healthy and stable development of the vehicle wrapping industry, and open a future of joint cooperation for both sides.

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