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Excellent essence, we are in action! The first phase of the lean production project was successfully completed

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-05-08      Origin: Site

On May 7, 2021, the first session of Nar Share Lean Management Project was held in Shanghai Na'er, and Ma Ji Tang, President of Nar Shares, and Yang Jiantang, Executive President, attended the summary meeting, announced the success of the project.

The improvement teams in the meeting have achieved restrictions on the effective report, rehabilitation, and problem summaries on their respective improving projects. The project covers all aspects of raw material procurement, quality control, production plan, production efficiency, etc. A solid step.


Subsequently, Wu Zhen, assistant and general manager of the General Manager of Nar Stock and Functional Materials Division, announced the list of winners of this improvement project.


Benefits award list

\"Reduce end glue transfer time\"

\"Improve product performance stability in production process\"

\"Improve printing daily production capacity\"

QCC project competition winning list

The first place in the delivery group: \"Reduce the end of the back glue

The second place in the delivery group: \"Improve printing daily production\"

The first place in the quality group: \"Improve product performance stability in the production process\"

The second place in the quality group: \"Lowering the adverse glue from the income of the glue\", \"reducing the number of full-processes is the number of violations\", \"reducing the number of different silicon paper badkens\"


Finally, the President of Nar Shares conducted a summary of the project. He affirmed the successful improvement project, pointed out that the project that has not yet completed must continue, but also to continue to discover new improvement projects, constantly updating the members of the Group, let all Nar people continue, all staff participation, use this The improvement ideas in the year have improved the way, and continuously improve production and quality.


At the end of the meeting, all the introduction of the group staff took a group photo for the payment and harvest of this year.


Through the advancement of the lean management project, \"rigor, serious, brave in the innovation \" spirit deep into every Nar people, and integrates this spirit into every part of production, quality control, and operation, always ,Strive for perfection. The Naren will adhere to this spiritual and power, continuously improve product quality, and build Chinese brands in the world.

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