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Never stop, next year at Shanghai Guangyin Exhibition, we will be together again!

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-07-13      Origin: Site

On June 21, 2023, the 2023 Shanghai International Guangzhou Printing Exhibition (APPPEXPO) came to an end. During the 4-day exhibition, companies from around the world gathered here to participate in the grand event; Industry elites from all over the country gathered together to seek common development.

As a "precision coating technology expert", NAR Co., Ltd. has attracted a large audience with high-quality products and first-class services, providing professional solutions for customers. The environmentally friendly car body sticker series, three-year ultra transparent and engraved sticker series launched this time have received a lot of attention on site, and their recognition is the belief of NAR people in adhering to the vision of "creating a better living space".





In this exhibition, the Colored Film and Release Film business units under NAR also participated with new products.

NAR color changing film adopts nano coating technology and is equipped with a low viscosity removable adhesive backing. More than 200 exclusive colors for automobiles have been developed, providing users with rich color choices. The release film business unit has the production capacity of various release products and can provide customers with various types of release products, such as high-end PET release film, CCK release paper, PEK release paper, etc.


The debut of two new business units at this exhibition attracted a lot of attention. Their birth represents NAR's determination to diversify and its willingness to provide professional products and services to more users.



Now, the 2023 Shangha Exhibition has come to an end, and the exhibition of NAR in Shanghai has also reached a high stage. However, this is not the end, and we are well aware that there are still many difficulties to overcome on the way forward. NAR people will invest more perseverance in technological research and development, facing the challenges and opportunities of the market directly.

The 2023 Future Print in Brazil will be launched in July, let’s meet in Brazil. Here, Nar people welcome all the friends who have come and followed us, and look forward to meeting you again.

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