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Concentration, challenge ourselves - NAR production team development training

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2019-08-19      Origin: Site

Employees are the future of the enterprise, and the growth of employees is the ladder of enterprise progress. NAR Industrial Co., Ltd. has always been committed to training professional and professional employees. Despite the fixed training in the gap between maintenance equipment every month, the company has carefully arranged two batches of four groups of nearly 400 production employees for external expansion training in a compact production rhythm.

The high temperature of more than 30 degrees just light the enthusiasm of outdoor training. The team leader, flagman and engineer of each team promise their team responsibilities to the whole staff. In the next two days, whether it's collective or free activities, the flagmen really fulfilled the promise of "the flag is in the people"! 

Through the outward bound training, the team cooperation ability of the staff is further enhanced, so that the staff not only have more communication and understanding, but also promote them to be good at thinking about problems from different perspectives, and use the advantage perspective to discover the strengths of others.

Planning before the game, brainstorming and organizing ↑

Focus on the game, due diligence, and earnest execution ↑

Rematch after the game, celebrating victory and summing up experience ↑

In the evening, the internal training of\"Professional Shaping and Promotion\" was arranged for the students. Mr. Li, who was instructed by the course, had rich experience and was able to vividly explain the lessons in the life and work. Through more than two hours of course interaction, let us learn how to become a professional who is good at cooperation, self-management and popular.

When a professional gets used to working in a familiar environment, his past achievements and glory will gradually become inertia . When the team wins a victory and needs to achieve the next goal urgently, the past experience and state can even become obstacles and encumbrances. Motivation, especially from the inside, is necessary for our managers and employees to leap from this goal to the next one. It is everyone's right to be a happy and outstanding professional, and a stronger professional competitiveness has become the only choice to cross the boundary between carbon and diamond. 

NAR's past success is a common victory with every employee. Facing the new future, the company and employees are in urgent need of transformation and growth together. In the future competition, I hope that every employee can find the meaning of work, the motivation from the heart, the crisis which is easy to be ignored and the outstanding professional competitiveness, and achieve a new leap with NAR! 

At present, we have worked hard for more than half a year for the goal of 2019. Let's take every step steadily and make a strong guarantee for the "One hundred million yuan war"! come on.

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