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They, guard the city -- volunteers

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This spring, the epidemic once again made city quiet. The epidemic affected people's hearts. At the time of the most severe and complex epidemic, many NAR people actively joined the volunteer team, guarded the city together with the epidemic prevention personnel with their contribution, they dedicated themselves with actions.

Zh Zhipu


Zhu Zhipu is a senior sales manager from NAR marketing center. He has been recognized by customers and colleagues with his excellent work achievements and meticulous and thoughtful work style over the years. For him, this spring is special because of the sudden epidemic and because he has become a volunteer. As a volunteer in his community, he has served the neighbors of his building for a month and is used to arranging the neighbors for nucleic acid testing first thing in the morning.

"There are 36 families and 70 or 80 people in our building. I am mainly responsible for the distribution of nucleic acid, antigen and materials in our building." "Our nucleic acid testing is usually carried out at 6 a.m. and should be completed around 8 a.m. at the beginning, we didn't know the process, and there must be a lot of questions. We were responsible for communication, personnel registration, coordination and maintaining order. The epidemic came suddenly, and we certainly didn't understand it at the beginning, but everyone cooperated very much after the explanation was clear," he said

Referring to how to become a volunteer, he said, "I'm a party member. When organization called, I signed up. Because I had to give consideration to my work, I communicated with the neighborhood committee and tried to arrange volunteer work sooner or later." To this end, he gave up his morning and evening rest and lunch time, neglected to eat and rest, sent supplies to his neighbors and helped people in need communicate and get medicine.

"As a party member and a volunteer, I have done what I want to do and can do and contributed a little. I am very happy and gratified. Although I still dare not tell my parents, I believe they will be proud of me when they know." He said with a smile.




Wang Zheng has worked in NAR for many years. As the head of the infrastructure office, almost all NAR's factories and office buildings were built and completed under his watch. This spring, he also became an epidemic prevention volunteer. His community is an old community. When the epidemic situation was the most severe, the positive buildings in the community reached 60%. When the neighborhood committee and the original volunteer team were suspended, Wang Zheng and other party members in the community stood up and established a temporary volunteer team, which has been adhered to so far.


"There are more than 1000 families in our community, and the majority of the elderly, so the epidemic prevention work should be done more carefully." He said, "in March, we used fixed-point nucleic acid screening. Later, we found that this method produced more positive results. We immediately used a moving and motionless way to conduct nucleic acid screening." This method effectively reduced the infection rate, but the workload of volunteers increased significantly. "Our nucleic acid is made in different buildings. Before each building, we will disinfection and sterilization, prepare relevant items, register, scan codes and maintain order. After that, we will carry out the second disinfection and sterilization of the nucleic acid sites and the places where people pass." Under such procedures, it takes nearly 8 hours to complete each nucleic acid test in the whole community, wearing protective clothing, unable to rest, and even unable to eat and drink water.

"Another important task for us is to disinfection and sterilization the items. Whether it is the materials distributed by the community or the items purchased by the residents, we should disinfection and sterilization them in advance and then send them in." He said, "although it's harder, the situation in the community has been getting better and better recently, and it's worth the effort."

 When talking about whether the volunteer work is hard or not, Wang Zheng just said proudly: "I'm a party member. It's also right to stand up at this time." It is their existence and silent and selfless dedication that make this still spring particularly warm.


Wang Shuming


Wang Shuming is the co-founder of NAR shares and the president of strategic investment, but this spring, he also became a volunteer to protect his home and city, and stood at the forefront of epidemic prevention together with many anti epidemic personnel.

"Our community was one of the first to be locked down and controlled. It was closed on March 27, when the neighborhood committee stopped." He said, "in those days, enthusiastic neighbors came forward to organize everyone's autonomy, so I signed up to be a volunteer, and finally formed a volunteer team of more than 20 people."

When the volunteer team was first established, all volunteers did not have any protective materials and only relied on a mask and self disinfection to maintain their operation. "At that time, I really didn't think too much. I just wanted to do the epidemic prevention work first." Recalling this period of time, Wang Shuming sighed with emotion, "the protective materials of the volunteer team were put together by the residents later, and our neighbors are very cooperative with the epidemic prevention work, and we take the initiative to stay at home. In several surrounding communities, we are the only one that has not been positive and has become a prevention area very early."

From the beginning of community containment to today, Wang Shuming's volunteer team has supported the nucleic acid screening of more than 300 households every day, and is busy with material disinfection and sterilization and transportation. After becoming a prevention area, he also sent urgently needed materials to his colleagues living in the nearby community.

During the epidemic prevention period, Wang Shuming also learned about the large-scale epidemic in history. "In the face of such a highly infectious large-scale epidemic, I think the most important thing is to have a happy and sunny attitude, a firm determination to fight the epidemic, and a heart to help others." In addition, he also spent a special birthday with his family. I believe this spring will remain in his memory forever and become a special moment. At the end of his visit, he said, "we should cherish health and freedom every day."

Zhang Meiqin&Kang Aihong

Zhang Meiqin is an old employee of NAR lab. She is very enthusiastic and meticulous in her work. After entering the closure period, she signed up with her husband to join the volunteer team. She said with a smile, "it's a different experience to play a little light and heat."


There are more than ten resident volunteers in her community, who work according to the daily schedule. It is mainly responsible for patrolling every corner to avoid people gathering and to stop the private delivery of materials without disinfection and sterilization. Assist in maintaining the order of nucleic acid and antigen screening, and  help materials for disinfection and sterilization. "Our community has done a good job in prevention and control." She said, "our volunteers are also well organized. They work in shifts for half a day, and their responsibilities are very clear. When the community needs all their efforts, everyone is also very enthusiastic and never complains."

The busy volunteer work did not prevent her from maintaining a happy and cheerful mood and making delicious food with her skillful hands to treat herself and her family.


"I thought I could do something for my neighbors while taking care of my work, so I joined the volunteer team." Kang Aihong is a member of NAR's sales management department. The reason why she decided to become a volunteer is so simple. Up to now, she has been a volunteer for more than a month.

Referring to her volunteer work during this period, she said with a smile, "in fact, it's nothing. At the beginning, when we were doing nucleic acid, we helped register, maintain order and explain the questions. Later, the epidemic was stable, so we more audited the import and export personnel at the entrance and exit." But in fact, this volunteer work is not as simple as she said. In her area, volunteers are arranged according to the 8-hour schedule. She needs to be stationed at the entrance and exit regardless of wind and rain, and the entry and exit personnel have their own conditions. When they need to persuade the return personnel, they need to carry out a lot of communication and coordination.


"I don't feel tired. I'm very happy to do what I can at this time." She said with a smile.


Nizheng&Gongyan&Yuan Mingkun

Ni Zheng is an employee of NAR in Nantong. He became a volunteer at the call of his neighborhood committee. He said: "I'm a boy. Even if I can't do anything else, I can help disinfection and sterilization and carry when distributing materials in the community." From then on, he silently did what a volunteer could do, responded to calls and never boasted.


Gong Yan from the procurement department of the supply chain center joined the volunteer team during the Qingming Festival. Although the time was not long, she was very impressed by her volunteer work. "At that time, I was mainly responsible for the assistance of nucleic acid screening. It was completely different from what I thought at the beginning. In fact, this process was very cumbersome." She said, "to do the homework, we should arrange the point and route in advance, then shout the building, call down the residents of each building one by one according to the building number, check the number of people, and instruct the residents to walk according to the route." At the same time, we have to face the communication problems of not using mobile phones, unable to open nucleic acid codes and so on, "so in fact, volunteer work is really not easy."


Different from others, yuanmingkun, one of the key members of NAR technology R & D center, joined the volunteer team in response to the call of Xinchang Town official account to convene volunteers. "When I saw this official account, I went to ask, and then asked me to contact the neighborhood committee. I became a volunteer in our community. There were more than 5000 people in our community, and only 89 people in the neighborhood committee. I was too busy." He said, "and I've been at home alone recently. I don't have any worries. I can do something if I can."

Initially, in addition to supporting nucleic acid work, Yuan Mingkun was also responsible for delivering drugs and vegetables to residents in the community. More importantly, he delivered meals to positive patients who had not been transferred at home every day. "At the beginning, we must have been a little afraid, and then we gradually adapted. We did a good job of protection and wore gloves. The neighborhood committee also gave us a separate antigen test every day, and gradually we were not afraid." With the different stages of epidemic prevention, Yuan Mingkun's main responsibility is also changing. "Before, it was mainly focused on nucleic acid, and recently it was mainly antigen. Now we send the antigen to the door, register on site after completion, and recycle the used antigen for unified treatment." It is this rigorous and meticulous work that guards the health and safety of residents. He is also the only volunteer who insists on not showing his face. "Photos are not important. I just do my part."

In this spring, there is such a group of people, who gives up their small home for everyone, stand up and stand in the front line of epidemic prevention. They are a member of all living beings. They are not superheroes, but they hold up an umbrella for others with love and self dedication. Like the NAR people who are stationed at posts to ensure production, they interpret their original intention and practice their mission with simple and practical actions. It is the inherent responsibility and down-to-earth spirit of NAR people that leads us to move forward step by step and create one achievement after another. Thank them, thank everyone who pays silently, and thank everyone who builds a defense line for others. This spring, with you, there will be warm spring flowers, and there will be future and hope.

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