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It's hard to say goodbye | NAR's 2023 Sign China Exhibition Ends Successfully

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On September 6, 2023, Sign China officially concluded at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. This three-day exhibition is one of the most important industry exhibitions in China after the 2023 Guangzhou Exhibition. With the charm of its high-quality products and the concept of "based on technology to empower and create a better living space", NAR Group has once again attracted many visitors to stop and watch, and has also received recognition from many professionals.


Unique booth

The design of this booth not only considers functionality and practicality, but also integrates creative and aesthetic elements. Through the flexible use of diagonal lines, it achieves a stable and atmospheric visual effect that is not lacking in lightness, creating a novel spatial experience. At the same time, in effectively dividing the spatial layout, it also provides an efficient visiting route for the audience, allowing them to move smoothly in the booth.


Rich and diverse exhibits

In this exhibition, Infineon Leicester shone brightly, showcasing its excellent quality with high-quality products complemented by stunning visuals, bringing a small visual feast to the audience. The products of the NAR and BN brands always remain at the standard line, providing stable product and service support for users.


More visitors

At the booth, it is so crowded. Many overseas audiences visited, paying high attention to the environmental protection series, Infineon Royce series, INJET series, and other products under NAR . In addition, the excellent quality displayed by decorative products such as wallpaper and wallpaper also gives them more confidence in exploring new markets and opportunities.

The on-site staff received every visitor with the fullest enthusiasm and rigorous attitude, carefully listening to their needs. Their professionalism and diligence are a reflection of NAR's spirit and also lay the foundation for future cooperation.


This year's Sign China has come to a successful end, let's look forward to the next gathering. Here, we would like to express our gratitude to the audience for their attendance and attention, as well as to the support and trust of our numerous partners. We will continue to break through ourselves and provide our partners with higher quality products that are more in line with future development trends. Together, we will explore a new future and create a better living space!

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