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Energetic NAR, keep fit in autumn! The 10th fitness activity held in NAR

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-09-29      Origin: Site

In this beautiful season with the osmanthus fragrance . In order to enhance the physical fitness of employees, enrich the spiritual and cultural life of employees, establish and deepen the ties between employees and deepen team cooperation. On September 25, the 10th fitness activity of NAR was held as scheduled under the expectation of all NAR staff.

The event attracted a total of 140 employees including Nantong Baina. Six team events, including short rope, push ups, sit ups, hula hoops, shuttlecock kicking and bicycle distance races, were set up. They were competitive, but also brought laughter to the employees.

Activity pictures

"Friendship first, competition second", in such a relaxed and happy atmosphere, the contestants are serious and enterprising, unite and advance together. They are not afraid of challenges, nor are they afraid of success or failure.

After this fitness activity, there will be another NAR sports meeting. At that time, NAR people will stand on the green field again, and their valiant posture will leave one after another beautiful scenery in this harvest season.

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