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Ten years for sword, to the future

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On January 19, 2021, Qian Suping, vice president of Changshu Institute of technology, Yang Naipeng, Secretary of the Party committee of the school of materials engineering, and other leaders of the school attended the "NAR & Changshu Institute of functional materials collaborative innovation 2020 annual exchange summary meeting" held by NAR. Chairman You Aiguo and President Ma Jiji attended the meeting together. First of all, general manager Ma Jiji led President Qian and his party to visit NAR plant and technology R & D center. Then they listened to the project summary of the Institute in 2020 and the key work plan in 2021 by Mr. Wang Yufeng, the director of the Institute of collaborative innovation of functional materials.


Since its establishment, the Collaborative Innovation Research Institute has set up a research and development team with young and middle-aged teachers as the core in Changshu Institute of technology, and cooperated with NAR enterprise technology research and development center to carry out research on coating, synthesis, composite materials and nano materials technology. In 2020, we will complete a number of basic research on the application of materials, and develop and industrialize a number of products, such as invisible protective clothing, self-healing antibacterial film, flame retardant and removable car stickers. We will not only make rich academic achievements, but also make great contributions to the development of enterprises.


In the process of industry university research cooperation between the two sides, young teachers and enterprise technical backbones cooperate in innovation and joint R & D, which not only cultivates enterprise technical strength, but also cultivates young teachers' engineering ability, achieving the effect of talent mutual training.


Leaders from both sides of the University and the enterprise sincerely affirmed the achievements of the Research Institute in the past three years from infrastructure construction to construction. President Qian said that Changshu Institute of technology, as an institution for cultivating applied talents, has the same pragmatic spirit as NAR. In the future, the research direction of proton exchange membrane and other functional membrane materials, which are important functional materials in hydrogen fuel cells, is the same as that of the Institute, and the Institute will continue to support the faculty and research resources. The cooperation between the two sides can also move to a deeper level, introducing higher-level talents and implementing the teacher training mechanism.



You Aiguo, chairman of NAR, made a speech at the meeting. It's a good thing for NAR to build a functional materials innovation research institute with Changshu Institute of technology, which enables enterprises to connect from IP to product industrialization, and makes NAR go more and more widely on the road of science and technology innovation, so as to promote the development of enterprises led by science and technology. Over the past three years, the research institute has made great contributions to the development of NAR. As the foundation of both sides becomes more and more mature, the research institute can make more bold attempts in the future, and enterprises are willing to make more investment and produce greater productivity. One of NAR's future vision is to build a professional intelligent manufacturing factory. The biggest demand is innovative products to complete the iteration of the existing product life cycle. It is hoped that in the next two or three years, the two sides will make use of their complementary resources to make the core materials of hydrogen fuel cell move from laboratory to pilot production and industrialization.


As an important science and technology innovation platform, NAR & Changshu Institute of functional materials collaborative innovation is not only an important product line support for NAR to achieve a century old store and build a national brand, but also an important window for NAR to interact with the school, realize social welfare and spread positive energy. In 2021, while implementing important product R & D projects, we will also focus on the long-term and future oriented development path of NAR layout's multi industry chain, plan forward-looking scientific research and technology development path, and build the functional materials Collaborative Innovation Research Institute into a "future city" leading the front end of the industry!

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