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Nar Hydroelectric Exhibition of China Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Battery Exhibition

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On December 8, 2021, Nar Hydroelectronics the 5th China (Foshan) International Hydrogens and Fuel Battery Technology and Product Exhibition, President of Nar Hydropower President, Chief Scientist Hu Liqing Dr. Huaye. The three-day exhibition was held in the Nanhai Cultural Center, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, this conference with the theme of \"Gong Hydrogen, Tongchi Carbon\". In the same period, 2021 United Nations Development Program Hydro Industry Industry Conference, Xianhu Technical Forum, Hydroamental Theater, etc.

WeChat picture _20211214112206Exhibition and 2021 United Nations Development Program Hydro Industry Conference opening ceremony

As one of the most authoritative exhibitions from the hydrogen fuel cell industry, Foshan Show has gathered a key enterprise from more than 320 hydrogen energy and fuel cells in the world. Mechanism, scientific institutions, hydrogen energy and fuel cell core enterprises, many guests will gather in Nanhai, Foshan, launch extensive extensive international hydrogen energy industry exchanges, to discuss fuel cell systems, fuel cell key components, hydrogen energy and infrastructure Construction and other fields.

WeChat picture _20211214132220Deputy Governor of Guangdong Province, Sun Zhiyang attended the event and delivered a speech

This exhibition is also the first public unveiled, the technical strength, core team, development strategy, company image of Nar hydrogen, has received a high recognition of many partners in the industry, and expressed their willingness to Hydrogen electricity launches more in-depth communication and cooperation. Narhydrogen electricity will continue to deeply break through the technical research and development of fuel cell systems such as high performance film electrodes, constantly break through key indicators such as power generation, product life, catalyst platinum capacity, providing customers with high quality products and Serve.

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Nowadays, with the mechanical technology of hydrogen energy, it is a comprehensive upgrade of various industrial technologies such as upgrading, hydrogen storage, and fuel cells. Under the driving of carbon emissions, energy safety, promotion of economic growth, the global \"hydrogen\" is dominated, and the hydrogen energy industry has developed into a common carbon neutralization of the world.

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Various types of hydrogen fuel batteries

Nar hydrogen is always dedicated to producing first-class products to provide product and technical support for China's fuel cell system and its supporting industry chain. Under the two-wheel drive of capital + technology, the target has become the most competitive film electrode development and manufacturing enterprise. .

About Nar Hydrogen

Nar Share (002825) Holdings Shanghai Nar Energy Hydro Electric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as \"Nar Hydrogen Electric \") Mainly engaged in fuel cell systems such as high performance fuel cell membrane electrodes, the target became the most domestic Competitive membrane electrodes R & D and manufacturing enterprises.

Nar Hydrogen is led by Dr. Hu Liqing, a pioneer of China's fuel cell industrialization, leading to technology innovation, material formula, production process, etc., and self-controlled. The company will break from the unit area of ​​the product, the catalyst platinum load, the service life, and other key performance indicators.

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