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Gathered together! NAR-India exhibition shares the scene bursting with popularity!

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-08-12      Origin: Site

On July 21, 2021, Shanghai Guangfu exhibition was held again in the country convention. The Narr stock booth continued to become the highlight of the entire pavilion with super high popularity.WeChat picture _20210812172305

WeChat picture _20210812172324

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The exhibition, Narr stock's \"Key Product Series \" is highly attracted. This series not only includes selling well-selling \"Nar Black\" (NV5424 removable black rubber body stickers), but also the \"Nal Blue Diamond \" (removable supermont paste) before the grand launch And the BV4400 commercial grade of BV4400 can be moved with black rubber bodies, as well as twill, frosted and other floor film products.

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This year, Nardon's decorative material brand \"艾 \ \" also shows the fist product AHD3224M non-woven wallpaper, and launched new products \"snow gradient film \", \"round point gradation film \". These two products have a wide range of application space in the office, hotel, shopping mall and other scenarios, which can effectively improve the overall consumption of the environment.

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With the opportunity of this exhibition, the industry elite from all over the country gathered together, and the exhibition of short-lived exhibitions was treated again because of the epidemic situation. The whole site shoulders, the greetings are endless.

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Here, I would like to thank the partners for many years to trust and support in Nar. It is the common work together, and it is a good time to gather today, and there is a rapid growth and thriving of Nar Shares! In the future, Nar Shares will bring more, richer quality products, continuously develop new business areas, develop together with partners, create the future!

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