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NAR 11th sports meeting ended

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On November 20, the 11th sports meeting of NAR was successfully held in all staff's expectation. The theme of the Games is "sports make life better", and chairman you Aiguo delivered a speech to announce the opening of the games. The whole stadium was filled with a happy atmosphere of striving to be the first and rising.

There are 11 events in this year's games. In addition to traditional events such as tug of war, table tennis and badminton, basketball competition and interesting poker competition are also added. The competition content takes into account both interest and competitiveness. A total of 342 contestants participated, including 40 from Nantong Baina.


After a full warm-up, our game officially began. Next, let's have a look!


Five person basketball & set shot


Volleyball relay & Fun Football


Long rope




Badminton & Table Tennis


Tug of War &  billiards

The contestants fought bravely, United and cooperated, and competed for the first, second and third place of each event after wonderful competition.

后Hou 2After 1After 3

The Games ended with laughter and laughter. NAR people struggled hard. While improving our physique through sports, also realized the fun of sports, release the work pressure, cultivate the team spirit unconsciously, and quietly narrow the distance between colleagues. A good life cannot be without a healthy body. Next year, let's meet again on the playground and make new achievements together!

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